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Empower your employees with interest-free loans at no cost to you.

The program is completely free for both employer and employee.
Loans are paid off through payroll deductions over 12 months.
Employees and employers contact us now for more information!

All Faiths Welcome

Available to employees who are employed by a business enrolled in our Employee Financial Assistance Program.

No Cost

Enrolling your business in the Employee Assistance program is 100% free.

0% Interest

Loans are paid off through payroll deductions over 12 months.

About the

Employee Financial Assistance Program

The Employee Financial Assistance Program is an interest-free loan program available to employees. The loans offered are up to $1,200.00. The loan is repaid through payroll deductions spread out over ten months.

  • Loans are available for medical/dental, school, car and home repairs, and other expenses.
  • Employee must be employed a minimum of 1 year full-time with employer.
  • Must be a resident of Southern Arizona including Pima, Cochise and Santa Cruz counties.
  • Employees must repay loan with automatic payroll deductions over agreed time period, not to exceed 12 months.
  • Employees are eligible to apply for additional loan a full 12 months after a loan is repaid.
  • Quantity of loans available at any given time for a business is based on number of employees. As loans are paid off, the funds become available, once again to the organization for new loans.
    • 1 to 25 employees – 5 loans
    • 25 to 100 employees – 10 loans
    • 101 to 300 employees - 15 loans
    • 301 + employees – 20 loans
  • No cost to employees or business
  • Employees are able to apply for loans through the traditional Free Loan program if employee does not qualify for Employee Financial Assistance program requirements.
  • The process is confidential. All loans are subject to approval.

Joan Hubele
Chief Financial Officer
Our Family Services

Working with The Free Loan has been a wonderful experience for Our Family Services. The staff have found the application process to be simple and stress-free. The ability for the staff to make payments via payroll deduction also alleviates significant stress. The staff are a pleasure to work with and treat our employees with dignity and respect. We are proud to have partnered with The Free Loan program to help our staff bridge the gap during challenging financial times.

Rachel Dorf
Human Resources Director, Handmaker

Handmaker has been fortunate to offer financial assistance through The Free Loan for years. Our valued employees have had the extra benefit of being able to apply for a loan during times of financial difficulties. This amazing benefit has allowed our employees to cover medical bills, housing issues, and unexpected car or childcare bills. Allowing our employees to pay the loan back over a period of time interest-free through payroll deductions has literally been a life saver. It has allowed employees to breathe and relieve stress in challenging times. Working with The Free Loan is easy and seamless. The Free Loan goes above and beyond to help out our employees and we hope to continue offering this extra benefit for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

Employees often have emergency expenses to pay for health/dental care, school or child care, auto/ home repairs, or other unforeseen situations. Unlike high-interest loans, Tucson Jewish Loan is repaid with no interest and no costs.

Once an employer agrees to be a part of Tucson Jewish Free Loan Employee Financial Assistance program, at no cost to the employer, a Free Loan representative will work with the Human Resource department to implement a quick and easy loan process. The loan will be repaid from authorized payroll deductions, in accordance with the payment schedule set forth in the loan agreement, beginning on a scheduled payday. The loan may be paid back early without penalty.

Employee must be employed full-time for at least one year with the employer and be a resident of Southern Arizona including Pima, Cochise and Santa Cruz counties. Eligibility for the loan program will be assessed once a loan application is received.

The loan is through Tucson Jewish Free Loan. The employer makes this program available on a voluntary basis. The loan process is confidential.

If employment should terminate for any reason, the full balance of the loan will be taken out within accordance with the wage and hour law from the final paycheck. The employee is ultimately responsible for repaying the loan after they leave the job. Employees must provide debit card at time of signing final loan paperwork with Tucson Jewish Free Loan representative. The employee will sign a waiver giving Tucson Jewish Free Loan permission to withdraw automatic monthly payments from debit card if employement is terminated to pay off the loan balance.

Each organization is granted up to two loan defaults. After two defaults (even if borrower is no longer with the organization), the program will be cancelled. The organization may pay off the loan balance to reinstate the program for their employees.

To sign your Southern Arizona business up for our 100% FREE Employee Financial Assistance program, contact us here or by calling 520-297-5360.