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Borrower Testimonial

Tucson Jewish Free Loan is an absolute blessing. The staff listened with compassion to my story about my daughter, who had been diagnosed with a chronic illness, which has no cure. She understood my needs and assured me that I was not alone, and they could help me. She worked with me quickly to get the funds that I needed to help my daughter.

This company is a community haven. I received the money that I needed with payments that I could afford. The best part, there is no interest charged at any time whatsoever. As a single parent, this is an amazing blessing on my finances. Even more amazing however, is how supported I feel because there is no interest being charged. I have no stress over this loan.

My heart overflows with love for this company. For the support and safety, they have surrounded me with, I will be forever grateful. They truly are helping families and expecting nothing in return. They care about people and treat them like they are family. Words cannot truly express my gratitude. I have more hope in what I face with my child, knowing that they are a resource for us.

With gratitude,

Full Circle Club

A designation reserved for those incredible individuals who are former TJFL loan recipients that have repaid their loan and have made a donation and commitment to TJFL and future borrowers. The members of Full Circle Club are paying forward the help they received so they can share the life-changing benefit that their interest-free loan provided them. They, too, want to give a hand-up to members of the Southern Arizona community who may need it in the future. We look forward to welcoming more of our loan recipients into the Full Circle Club in the future.

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  • Bella T